Opportunity Knocks (1990): Gas Men Con


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The clip Gas men con from Opportunity Knocks (1990)

Bob Marley, Lakeshore Utility.
We've got a class-A level gas leak in the neighborhood.
Get a reading, Tommy! Right!
Uh, wait a second.
Apologize for the inconvenience, sir.
Excuse me... It cannot be helped.
Wait a minute. Wait a minute. How long is this gonna take?
No way of telling that.
Smell that? Whoo!
I don't smell anything. Because you've been here the whole time.
Anyone else here? Children, dogs, fish?
My wife took the kids to their karate lesson. What are you getting?
High readings. Oh, hell.
Is that bad?
Where's that furnace?
It's in the basement. This way.
Tommy, check every room, and make sure that it is safe.
This way. Come on. All right. Just don't touch me.
What's that? That's the dryer.
Clothes dryer? Yes. It's electric.
You don't sound too sure. No, it's electric.
What's that?
That's my... my lawn mower.
How long you had it? I don't know.
A couple years. Why?
Could be nothing. What is going on?
Maybe you should tell me.
Well, looks like 12-gauge, 7.1 hardened steel.
Less than six inches off the ground.
Does it always make that sound?
Is that dangerous?
There it is.
Bob, get up here! I've got a gas pocket!
I can't! I just pushed the gas-flow igniter!
I need you right now! This whole house could blow up!
Oh, Jesus! Come here, come here, come here.

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