Opportunity Knocks (1990): Milt Meets Lou,offers Eddie a Job Part 2


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The clip Milt meets lou,offers eddie a job Part 2 from Opportunity Knocks (1990)

My God, you put your finger right on it.
These have been the most erratic sales figures that we've had in 35 years.
We don't have a snowball's chance in hell...
of getting a, uh, a sales budget under these conditions.
I don't want to make you uncomfortable.
I know the big guys are after you, but, damn it, I need you.
You walk into my company, you're vice president in charge of marketing.
Me? Yes.
Well... Excuse me, Milt. What are you movin'?
Nothing's moving. That's the problem.
You're a broker? I am a broker.
What's your specialty?
Oh, whatever you need.
Take a look at these babies.
Oh, Lou, you're great.
Chicago, Tokyo, London. This guy lives the market.
Oh, I don't believe it! Look how late it's gotten.
Milt, do you mind if we do this, uh, in a day or two?
We sure can, as long as it's in your new office.
I'm not leaving until you say yes.
I'll give it a try.
Oh, Jon.
Jon. Oh, that's beautiful.
Wonderful. We're gonna be a hell of a team. I know.
I know it too. What great news.
Monday morning, Mr. Vice President.
I'll be looking forward to it.
Eddie, you got a coaster on your head.
According to all the research done for hand dryer and bathroom accessories,

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