Opportunity Knocks (1990): Eddie's Parents


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The clip Eddie's parents from Opportunity Knocks (1990)

Oh, yes. This'll fool anybody.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, boyo.
You gotta knock that off. You still have to play that city official tonight.
That's why I need another one. I haven't done this in 20 years.
Uncle Max, Sal Nichols may have a problem with handing over...
a quarter million dollars to a damn leprechaun.
Listen, don't worry about me. I'll be sober in a couple of hours.
You'll still be stupid.
Hey, I know what I'm supposed to be doing.
Now, we meet 9:30 at the building site,
then bida-bing-bang-boom, and 11:00 at the airport.
Connie, have you got the tickets?
First class, kiddo.
All right. We're out ofhere.
Whoever that is, get rid of'em.
Okay. I'll take care of it.
Let's go, let's go
Oh, Milt, Mona, Annie, what a wonderful surprise.
Well, we've got a big surprise for you.
Don't we, Milt? We sure do.
Yes indeed. Jonathan, you have company?
Oh. Uh, yeah, I have company. Uh, my... my parents.
Your parents? Those are my parents.
They just got here.
Milt, Mona, Annie, I would like you to meet Thorton...
and Cornelia. Oh.
They flew in when they heard the good news.
That is just wonderful.
Thorton and Cornelia, Jonathan has told me so much about you.
I feel like I know you so well.
Well, we feel as though we've known you all our lives.
Aw. Don't we, Cornelia?
We certainly do, Thorton. Yes.
Oh, how wonderful to meet you.

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