The Producers (2005): Stroke of Genius


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The clip Stroke of genius from The Producers (2005) with Roger Bart, Gary Beach

Think of the prestige.
No, no, no.
Think of the Tony!
Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony
What's the matter?
Is he all right?
He's having a stroke.
Of genius!
I see it at last.
The chance to do something important.
Roger DeBris presents History
Of course that second act has to be rewritten.
They're losing the war? Excuse me, that's too downbeat.
Roger DeBris presents History
But maybe...
It's a wild idea, but it just might work.
A line
Of beautiful girls
Dressed as storm troopers Each one a gem
With leather boots And whips on their hips
It's risqu�, dare I say, S & M
Love it!
I see German soldiers Dancing through France
Played by chorus boys In very tight pants
And wait, there's more
They'll win the war
And the dances they do Will be daring and new
Turn, turn, kick, turn. One, two, three, kick, turn.
Keep it sassy, keep it classy Keep it-
That is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!
I speak for Mr. Bloom and myself, Roger...
...when I say you are the only man in the world...
...who could do justice to Springtime for Hitler.
Will you do it, please?
Wait a minute. This is a very big decision.
It might affect the course of my life.
I shall have to think about it. I'll do it.
I'll do it
Sabu, champagne!
If at the end You want them to cheer
Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay
Whether it's Hamlet, Othello Or Lear
Keep it gay, keep it gay, keep it gay
Comedy's joyous A constant delight
Dramas annoy us And ruin our night
So keep your Strindbergs And Ibsens at bay

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