Control (2007): Crashing at Rob


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The clip crashing at Rob from Control (2007)

I don't get it, Ian.
I don't get why you're doing this to yourself.
It's all coming apart.
No, it's all coming together.
Tonight was great. It'll go down in history.
You remember Lou Reed at the Free Trade Hall?
The riot?
That's right, the fuckin' riot.
Best gig I've ever been to.
It all used to be so simple, everything.
Now everyone hates me. I've made everyone hate me.
No one hates you.
Even the people who love me hate me.
And Natalie.
How can Natalie hate you?
For Christ's sake.
She will, though. I know she will.
You're a good dad, Ian.
No, Tony, I'm not. I know I'm not.
If I was a good dad, then I wouldn't be doing all... this.
And what about Annik? She loves you. You love her.
I hate her.
And you love her.
You can't pin all that on us.
We didn't start the fuckin' riot.
Mate, you're pissing up the wrong tree here.
You think I owe you money for the damages? Guess what?
I don't. So shut the fuck up and start suing,
'cause that's the only way you're gonna get a fuckin' bean out of me.
Who the fuck...?
It's Ian.
Oh, fuckin' shine a light! Aren't you in enough trouble?

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