The Dream Team (1989): Clothes for the Son of God Part II


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The clip clothes for the son of god part II from The Dream Team (1989) with Michael Keaton, Jack Duffy

This is one of the nicest... No. This is the nicest army/navy store I've ever been in,
and I've been in every branch of the service, so I know what I'm talkin' about.
Yeah. Your friends look like they've seen a little action too.
Okay, you've noticed they're a little different. I've noticed.
You wanna know why?
It's because we're a special combat unit with the Marine Corps,
and we've been tracking some Libyan terrorists.
In fact, I think we got 'em trailed to a bagel shop around the corner.
Now, if we can just get some pants on the colonel...
Gimme a break.
All right, we're four escaped lunatics.
This I believe.
I caught this just in time. You've got the large in here with the extra large.
I'm afraid to even get into the sock bin.
Now, what do you want?
Look, you probably want us out of here as quickly as possible.
I'm prepared to carry you in my arms.
All I'm sayin' is let's stretch that clothing dollar.
What kind of stretch are we talkin' about? Twelve bucks.
"Strangers in the Night"]
I'm telling you, it works.
It's a statement, man.
You know who you are.
No, he doesn't.
Anything else I can help you fellas with?
Yeah. Could you recommend a good clinical psychiatrist in the neighborhood?
We seem to have lost ours. Gee, we don't have one on staff here, fellas,
but I do know a guy you could talk to.

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