The Dream Team (1989): Contacting the Asylum


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The clip contacting the asylum from The Dream Team (1989)

For you, on three. It's them.
No. Them.
Dr. Newald, it's...
It's Billy Caufield. How you doin'?
I'm doing fine, William. Good, good.
Listen, do I sound calm to you? Yes.
Good. I'm really trying to sound calm because...
we ran into a little snag out here.
Somebody's trying to kill Dr. Weitzman.
That Caufield guy lives in a fantasy world.
And he also has a real history of violence.
Where are you calling from?
A phone booth on the corner of 61 st and Park.
Call the New York City Police.
Billy, where's Dr. Weitzman now?
He's in Mercy Hospital, but listen. Somebody's trying to kill him.
Not someone. The Prince of Darkness.
Jack McDermott. Christ fixation. Megalomania.
Where was I?
William, I want you to find a policeman...
No, no no! Not the police, because they're in on this.
In on what?
In on what?
It's Satan's plot! Jack, I'm trying to handle this! Shut up!
Dr. Newald, this is Henry Sikorsky. Give me that phone!
Dr. Weitzman's assistant. I'm having real trouble with these patients.
Tell 'em I'm in charge. Assistant?
Paranoid schizophrenic.
Stop breathing in my face.! Now keep away from the phone.!
You're outta here.
Look, Dr. Newald, as I was saying,
I don't think it's a good idea to call the police right now.
No, no, William, no. We won't call the police if that makes you uncomfortable.
Yeah, it does. It makes me really uncomfortable.
You just stay right where you are. Okay.

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