The Dream Team (1989): Jack Inspires the Church


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The clip jack inspires the church from The Dream Team (1989) with Peter Boyle, Christopher Lloyd

I came to tell you that I was once a lover of the things of this world.
Yes! Amen!
I made $100,000 a year.
I had a house in Scarsdale with a big blue swimming pool.
Yes, brothers,
I lived the white man's lie.
Yes, but I was lost!
Lost. Yes. I was dancin' with alcohol.
I was lovin' drugs!
And there were women.
Oh, yeah!
Brothers and sisters... Oh, God, there were women! Yes.!
Fine women!
But I hadn't hit bottom yet. Oh, no.
I just kept fallin', right on through the floor!
And that's when God found me.
Yes, yes.
And you know what he said to me?
What'd he say?
And I've been persecuted for speaking this truth.
He said to me, "Son!"
Lay this on us! That's what he called me.
And I said, "'Son'?" And he said, "Yes.
Yes! You are the Son of God!"
And I said, "What, Lord?"
And he said, "It's time for you...
"to leave behind the things of this world...
"the fine houses, the fancy cars,
the flashy clothes!"
Because we are all naked in the eyes of the Lord.!
This man is clinically insane!
He is presently undergoing treatment at the Cedarbrook Hospital under my supervision!
If I only saved one soul in there, it was well worth it.
Move on.

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