The Dream Team (1989): Authorizing the Field Trip


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The clip authorizing the field trip from The Dream Team (1989)

Hey, you got some pretty chronic types here.
I screened the group. I didn't pick them out of a hat.
And I'm seeing some progress. Breaking windows is progress?
They're bickering. They're annoying the hell out of each other.
It's great.
Throw four dogs in a room, they'll fight.
No, they're standing up for themselves.
Th-Their real identities are creeping back slowly.
Quite candidly, Jeff,
some of the staff feel this whole trip is more trouble than it's worth.
One of these patients has not been outside an institution in 12 years.
Yeah, but that's the point. And Caufield is like a walking time bomb.
You can almost hear him ticking.
You could turn around, and...
he'll be out on the ball field kicking dirt on an umpire.
Why can't you guys just watch the game on TV in the rec room?
Oh, God. One more afternoon in the rec room, I'm gonna have to go on Thorazine myself.
You got more of a sense of humor about this than I do.
Frankly, I find it difficult to sanction this.
It's a five-hour field trip. We're not going up the south face of Everest.
I thinkJeff is overdramatizing this just a little bit.
Watching Albert dying in here, that's drama.
Oh, come on!
Nobody's dying in here.
Look, look, look.
If these guys are gonna spend the rest of their lives in an institution,
I wanna give them the chance to taste a hot dog at Yankee Stadium,
or hear the crowd roar when Mattingly hits one out.
That's gotta be worth a couple hours of my time.
Well, I'm not sure...
what the therapeutic value of a ballpark frank is for four psychotics.

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