The Dream Team (1989): Jack in Group Therapy


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The clip jack in group therapy from The Dream Team (1989) with Peter Boyle

All right. Jack. Now, last time we had you set a goal for yourself.
Well, my original goal was to rid my agency of Satan's influence...
and to bring Jesus Christ back into the advertising business, where he belongs.
Yes, but I think that the revised goal that we talked about...
was finding a position forJack McDermott, not forJesus Christ.
Dr. Weitzman, he's still walking around naked.
I think he has a long way to go.
For a guy who runs the universe, he's scared shitless.
That's my diagnosis too.
Jack, let me ask you a question. You raised yourself from the dead, right?
Did the agency give you extra perks with that, or just those three days off?
You weren't there!
I was pulling down a hundred big ones a year...
when you and Satan were out chasing Daryl Hannah!
Do I sense some hostility here?
Maybe they should role play this, Doctor.
You wanna talk about this, Jack?
I was senior V.P.
I had a corner office.
They crucified me.
You're doing great, Jack.

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