The Dream Team (1989): Argument in Lock Up


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The clip argument in lock up from The Dream Team (1989) with Peter Boyle, Michael Keaton

What kind of moron takes four mental patients to a baseball game?
Ceramics. Ceramics. That's more our speed.
Making those little ashtrays with our fuckin' names on it. Goddamn it!
We're the drool patrol.
Are you gonna replace that mattress?
I think we do your lobotomy right here and now. Scrub up, Albert.
That does it, Caufield. Electroshock.
You'll be whistling a different tune at 240 volts.
You're not a doctor!
You don't have the medical background to squeeze a pimple!
You guys ought to be cast into the outer darkness.
The rec hall will look pretty damn good from the bowels ofhell.
Listen to me, you nut ball. I got big news for you.
You're gonna be the first Supreme Being ever to make a license plate!
Working with metal: Next on Mr. Fix It.
And you. You, you're nothing. You're not anything.
You know what's goin' on, don't ya? You know.
He probably speaks seven different languages.
Then he sneaks off to call his broker.
But we'll never know. You know why?
'Cause you're a professional basket case.
You're too damn scared to be a real person.
Go ahead. Sing us the national anthem, you bozo.
Hey, you sucka.!
You got a lady here to see you.

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