Chat Gim (2005): Fu and Firewind Converse


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The clip fu and firewind converse from Chat gim (2005)

What a good show! Fu.
You've regained your manhood.
I'm happy for you.
Oh, don't get all worked up.
Since you like money so much.
I have a big business offer.
That's very kind of you. How big?
Three thousand heads.
Three thousand?
That's a lot. Where are they?
Are you one of the Seven Swords?
You look nice.
Just like a girl.
Easy, Fu.
You lucked out with one battle.
Do you think that would scare me off.
You think you can beat me? You?
Be afraid. Before it's too late.
Oh yeah? I'm waiting. Show me what you've got.
Before noon today.
If you don't surrender.
You'll have to deal with the consequences.
You used to be very serious.
Today you are telling jokes!
I can give you a reply now.
After noon today.
These seven swords of yours.
Will disappear from the face of the earth.
And the village will be wiped out.
I won't give you the chance.
Didn't you say you wouldn't use a sword, wouldn't kill any more?
Fire-wind, listen carefully
If your army does not retreat from the outpost before noon.
I'll kill you.
Let's forget we were ever friends
Let's wait and see how powerful the Seven Swords really are.
We were never really friends.
As for the Seven Swords, no need to wait.
It has already begun.
Guard! The town is on fire!

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