Vertigo (1958): John Falls for Madeleine


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The clip john falls for madeleine from Vertigo (1958) with Kim Novak, James Stewart

Somewhere in the light.
Promise you won't ask me again. Please promise me that.
Why did you run?
I'm responsible for you now.
The Chinese say that once you've saved a person's life you're responsible for it forever, so I'm committed.
I have to know.
There's so little that I know.
It's as though I were walking down a long corridor that once was mirrored, and fragments of that mirror still hang there and when I come to the end of the corridor there's nothing but darkness.
And I know that when I walk into the darkness that I'll die.
I've never come to the end. I've always come back before then.
-Except once. -Yesterday?
And you didn't know what happened till you found yourself with me.
You didn't know where you were.
But the small scenes, the fragments of the mirror, you remember those.
-Vaguely. -What do you remember?
There's a room and I sit there alone.
-Always alone. -What else?
-A grave. -Where?

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