Vertigo (1958): at the Court House Part 2


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The clip at the court house Part 2 from Vertigo (1958) with Henry Jones

But we are not here to pass judgment on Mr. Ferguson's lack of initiative.
He did nothing and the law has little to say on the subject of things left undone.
Nor does his strange behavior after he saw the body fall have any bearing on your verdict.
He did not remain at the scene of the death. He left.
He claims he suffered a mental blackout and knew nothing more until he found himself back in his own apartment in San Francisco hours later.
You may accept that, or not.
Or you may believe that, having once again allowed someone to die he could not face the tragic result of his own weakness and ran away.
That has nothing to do with your verdict.
It is a matter between him and his own conscience.
From the evidence of the state of mind of Madeleine Elster prior to her death from the manner of her death and the postmortem examination of the body showing the actual cause of her death you should have no difficulty in reaching your verdict.
Gentlemen, you may retire if you wish.

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