Vertigo (1958): Getting over Acrophobia


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The clip getting over acrophobia from Vertigo (1958) with Barbara Bel Geddes, James Stewart

No shoulder straps, no back straps, but does everything a brassiere should do.
Works on the principle of the cantilever bridge.
It does?
An aircraft engineer down the peninsula designed it.
He worked it out in his spare time.
Kind of a hobby.
A do-it-yourself type of thing.
How's your love life, Midge?
That's following a train of thought.
Aren't you ever gonna get married?
You know there's only one man in the world for me, Johnny-O.
You mean me. We were engaged once, weren't we?
-Three whole weeks. -Good old college days.
But you were the one that called off the engagement, you remember?
I'm still available. Available Ferguson.
Midge, do you remember a fellow in college by the name of Gavin Elster?
-Gavin Elster? -Yes, funny name.
You'd think I would? No.
I got a call from Gavin today. He dropped out of sight during the war.
Somebody said he went East. I guess he's back.
-It's a Mission number. -That's Skid Row, isn't it?
Could be.
He's probably on the bum and wants to touch you for the price of a drink.
Well, I'm on the bum. I'll buy him a couple drinks and tell him my troubles.
Not tonight. How about you and me going out for a beer?
Sorry, old man. Work.
Then, I think I'll go home.
Midge, what'd you mean, there's no losing it?
The acrophobia.
I asked my doctor.
He said that only another emotional shock could do it and probably wouldn't.
You're not gonna go diving off another rooftop to find out?
-I think I can lick it. -How?
I have a theory.
I think if I can get used to heights just a little bit at a time just a little, like that, progressively, you see?

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