Vertigo (1958): Talking About Acrophobia


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The clip talking about acrophobia from Vertigo (1958) with Barbara Bel Geddes, James Stewart

-I thought you said no more aches or pains. -It's this darned corset. It binds.
No three-way stretch? How very un-chic.
You know the police department doctors. No sense of style.
Anyway, tomorrow will be the day.
What's tomorrow?
The corset comes off tomorrow.
I'll be able to scratch myself tomorrow.
I'll throw this miserable thing out the window. I'll be a free man.
Midge, do you suppose many men wear corsets?
-More than you think. -Really?
Do you know that from personal experience or....
-What happens after tomorrow? -What do you mean?
What are you going to do once you've quit the police force?
-You sound so disapproving, Midge. -No. It's your life.
You were the bright, young lawyer who decided he was going to be chief of police someday.
-I had to quit. -Why?
Because of this fear of heights I have, this acrophobia.
I wake up at night seeing that man fall from the roof and I try to reach out to him and....
-It wasn't your fault. -That's what everybody tells me.
-Johnny, the doctors explained to you-- -I know, I know.
I have acrophobia, which gives me vertigo, and I get dizzy.
What a moment to find out I had it.
You've got it, and there's no losing it. And there's no one to blame. So why quit?
You mean, and sit behind a desk, chair-borne?
-Where you belong. -What about my acrophobia?
Suppose I'm sitting in this chair, behind a desk.
A pencil falls from the desk down to the floor and I reach down to pick it up, bingo, my acrophobia's back.
What'll you do?
I'm not gonna do anything for a while.

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