Vertigo (1958): the Truth Comes out


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The clip the truth comes out from Vertigo (1958) with James Stewart, Kim Novak

This was as far as I could get, but you went on.
The necklace, Madeleine. That was the slip.
I remembered the necklace.
-Let me go! -No. We're going up the tower, Madeleine.
You can't! You're afraid!
We'll see. We'll see. This is my second chance.
You knew that day that I couldn't follow you.
-Who was up there? Elster and his wife? -Yes.
And she was the one who died. The real wife, not you.
You were the counterfeit, weren't you?
-Was she dead or alive-- -Dead! He'd broken her neck.
He'd broken her neck. Wasn't taking any chances, was he?
When you got up there, he pushed her off, but it was you who screamed.
-Why did you scream? -I wanted to stop it. I ran up to stop it--
Stop it? Why did you scream, since you tricked me so well up to then?
You played the wife very well, Judy. He made you over, didn't he?
He made you over just like I made you over, only better.
Not only the clothes and the hair, but the looks, the manner and the words and those beautiful phony trances.
And you jumped into the Bay, didn't you?

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