Vertigo (1958): Confronting the Past


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The clip Confronting the past from Vertigo (1958) with James Stewart, Kim Novak

One final thing I have to do and then I'll be free of the past.
Scottie, why are we here?
I told you.
I have to go back into the past once more.
Just once more, for the last time.
Why? Why here?
Madeleine died here, Judy.
-I don't wanna go. I'd rather wait-- -No, I need you.
I need you to be Madeleine for a while.
And when it's done, we'll both be free.
-I'm scared. -I have to tell you about Madeleine now.
Right there.
We stood there, and I kissed her for the last time.
She said, "If you lose me, you'll know that I love you...
"...and wanted to keep loving you."
And I said, "I won't lose you." But I did.
And then she turned and ran into the church.
When I followed her, it was too late.
I don't want to go in there!
It was too late.

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