Vertigo (1958): John Recognizes the Necklace


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The clip john recognizes the necklace from Vertigo (1958) with James Stewart, Kim Novak

-Where shall we go for dinner? -Anywhere you like.
-Ernie's? -You have a thing about Ernie's, don't you?
After all, it's our place.
Hello, my love. Like me?
-Is that the best you can do? -Come here.
No. You'll muss me.
That's what I had in mind. Come here.
It's too late. I got my face on.
I'm suddenly hungry.
-Would you rather go somewhere else? -No. Ernie's is fine.
I'm gonna have one of those big, beautiful steaks.
Let me see. To start I think I'll....
Help me with this, will you?
I have it.
-How do you work this thing? -Can't you see?
-Now, there you are. -Thank you. I'm just about ready.
All I've gotta do is find my lipstick.
Where did I put it? I had it a minute ago.

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