Vertigo (1958): Spotting Madeleine Part 4


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The clip Spotting Madeleine Part 4 from Vertigo (1958) with Kim Novak, James Stewart

She's dead, isn't she?
I'm sorry, and I'm sorry I yelled at you.
Yes, that's me with my mother.
And that's my father.
He's dead. My mother married again, but I didn't like the guy so I decided I'd see what it's like in sunny California.
I've been here three years.
-Will you have dinner with me? -Why?
-I feel I owe you something after all this. -You don't owe me anything.
-Then will you? For me? -Dinner and what else?
-Just dinner. -'Cause I remind you of her?
Because I'd like to have dinner with you.
I've been on blind dates before.
Matter of fact, to be honest, I've been picked up before.
I'll get my car. I'll be back in half an hour.
-Give me time to change and get fixed up. -An hour?

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