Children of Men (2006): Fishes Arrive


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The clip fishes arrive from Children of Men (2006) with Michael Caine

Hey, amigos!
We're looking for Theo Faron.
We know he was here a few weeks ago. Has he been back?
Theo Faron.
I haven't seen him in weeks.
There's biscuits and coffee on inside! Help yourself.
You want a drag? Come on, have a drag. Lighten up.
What we got?
Here, Luke.
There's a dead woman and dog inside.
They're going to Bexhill.
When did they leave?
When did they leave?
Pull my finger, go on.
Pull my finger.
I'll do it.
Fuck you.
Pull my finger.
Theo, I'm so sorry.
Don't you fucking touch me.
You tell me the fucking reason in that.
It's all part of a bigger thing.
Shut up!
Shut up and get in the fucking car.
He's fine.
Everything's fine.

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