Children of Men (2006): Ping Pong


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The clip ping pong from Children of Men (2006) with Nihal Arthanyake

And now one for all the nostalgics out there,
a blast from the past all the way back from 2003.
That beautiful time when people refused to accept
the future was just around the corner.
You're snoring.
No, I wasn't.
Yes, you were. He always snored.
Where are we?
Canterbury. We're close.
Anyone know if there's a hotel around here?
Julian promised me a little bit of action.
You still like it in the afternoon?
So what did you do? Rob a train? Blow up a building?
Leave the girl alone.
You told me he was suave. Wanker's a drunk.
He's suave. You should have seen him in the old days when he was a real activist.
You were the activist, I just wanted to get laid.
One time the police came to throw us out of our squat
and Theo invited them up for coffee to negotiate,
only the coffee was spiked with ketamine.
No! You didn't, did you?
Fuck off. You gotta be kidding.
You know how many people I've tried this with?
I don't wanna know.
You'll be happy to know out of the hundreds...
Hundreds? are still the only one.
I'm not doing it.
Yes, you are.
No, I'm not. The car's moving too much.
Yes, you are. Yes, you are.
You are. Ready?
No, wait, wait. Okay.
Do it again! Do it again!
Julian, that's disgusting!
Look out!

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