Happy Gilmore (1996): Play Hurt


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The clip play hurt from Happy Gilmore (1996) with Verne Lundquist

Let's hope it doesn't affect his game.
Aah! My shoulder.
Oh, my. That's the first time he's failed to outdrive Shooter McGavin.
Well, well, well. Happy Gilmore is human after all.
Happy Gilmore is in big trouble,Jack.
He's lost the power to hit the long ball.
If he's gonna have any chance of winning today, he's got to get it done on the green.
Oh. He's really got to focus now. Aww.
He's got to save this one for par.
Oh, my. That bogie drops him out of the lead. Aww.
Ifhe wants to stay in this thing, he has to calm down and sink some putts.

Don't worry about your grandma, Gilmore. She can live with me, be my maid.
[ Crowd Cheering, Applauding ]
Look at the cabbage he's in now.
Things just keep getting worse for Happy Gilmore.
All right,just remember what Chubbs said:

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