Happy Gilmore (1996): Ask out


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The clip ask out from Happy Gilmore (1996) with Julie Bowen, Adam Sandler

As long as I don't come in last place in the next two tournaments, we'll get the money in time.
Oh, that's wonderful, Happy.
I love you, Grandma. Bye.
Good-bye, darling.

Hey, Virginia. You know, we should go on that date.
I've been pretty good lately. Oh, really?
What is this I hear about you breaking a rake and throwing it into the woods?
What? I didn't break it!
I was just testing its durability, and then I placed it in the woods because it's made of wood, and I thought he should be with his family.
Uh-huh. At least I didn't punch anybody.
All right. Okay, we'll go on a date.
But just as friends, all right? Yeah,just as friends.
Slow down. I don't wanna be more than friends. I just met you. Whoo!

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