Happy Gilmore (1996): Energy


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The clip energy from Happy Gilmore (1996) with Kevin Nealon

Gary Potter. Great to have you on the Tour, Happy.
Whew. I feel a lot of solid energy comin' outta ya.
Good, positive aura. Great. Great. It's all great.
Yeah, yeah. Nice to meet ya, man.
Is it always like this with the TV cameras and the people and stuff?
Yeah, a lot of pressure. You gotta rise above it.
You gotta harness in the good energy, block out the bad.
Harness energy. Block bad.
Mm-hmm. Feel the flow, Happy. Feel it. It's circular.
It's like a carousel. You pay the quarter. You get on the horse.
It goes up and down and around. Ah.
Circular. Circle. With the music, the flow. All good things.
Yeah, all right. Well, great. Thanks a lot. Nice to meet ya, man.
Next to tee off, Happy Gilmore.

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