Happy Gilmore (1996): Golf Club


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The clip golf club from Happy Gilmore (1996) with Adam Sandler, Kevin Nealon

All right.!
Thanks, man. Tell your friends.
Step right up, folks.! He's good. Good.
See if you can outdrive the amazing golf ball, uh, whacker guy.
That's great. Very good.
Bend those knees. Remember, now, it's all in the hips. You're doin' great.
It's all in the hips. Fifty bucks I can hit it over the highway.!
Any takers?

That's real good.
So long, sucker.

This is like a freak.
How often do you play?
Never. This is my first time.
Hey,you should play in the Waterbury Open tomorrow.
Yeah, all right. I'll see you guys there.
He's gonna play.
And by God, he's gonna win.

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