Wild Wild West (1999): Captives


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The clip Captives from Wild Wild West (1999)

An innocent billiard ball this way, but depress the number...
...and on impact it ruins our mission.
Don't move!
Let go of my leg.
Loveless has fitted us with the same metal device we found on Morton.
Good morning, gentlemen.
I trust you slept well.
What have you done with Rita?
Rita, is it? How familiar!
Rita is sleeping off the aftereffects in the stateroom.
She is quite lovely, isn't she?
Who knows? I might even become familiar with her myself.
That'd be one more reason to kill you.
Oh, yes, Mr. West.
To a well-endowed blackamoor like yourself...
...it seems impossible that a freak like me could enjoy the pleasure of a woman.
But having witnessed my use of mechanology thus far...
...don't you think I'd devise something for my lower body...
...that was hard-pumping and indefatigably steely?
And speaking of hard-pumping, Mr. Coleman...
...full steam ahead.
What a marvelous train. You don't mind me borrowing it, do you?
Aside from a lack of wheelchair access...
...I find it a most comfortable way...
...to pass the long miles to my laboratory in Spider Canyon.
By the way, I'll be seeing President Grant at Promontory Point.
What shall I tell him for you?
I'm afraid it can't be that you're alive...
...and well.
Get out your tool kit. Get this off my neck.
My tools are gone.
"Welcome to Loveless Experimental Camp for Political Dissidents.
There are no guards, no barbed wires.
Stay within the perimeter, you'll stay alive."
I don't have time for this.

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