Wild Wild West (1999): Distraction


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The clip Distraction from Wild Wild West (1999) with Will Smith, Kevin Kline

Loveless kidnapped a few metallurgists, so...
...whatever he's building will have armor.
He kidnapped a couple chemists...
...so it'll have explosives.
According to you, Rita's father's the world's foremost expert in hydraulics...
...so the thing's gonna move.
What could he build that'd make the President surrender the government?
A bedside heater.
Rita needs a bedside heater. It gets quite chilly.
That's what I was talking about. The distraction.
Good night, and thank you for saving me.
Good night.
That outfit...
Is most becoming.
Lovely. I hope it's not too breezy.
Back there.
But if there's anything...
Anything at all...
I'm right here.
Aren't you boys nice?
Well, sweet dreams.
I told you she'd be a distraction.
She's not a distraction.
It's nice having her on board. She's a breath of fresh ass.
Pardon me?
You said "ass."
No, I said, "It's nice having her on board. She's a breast of fresh air."
Let's just get some shut-ass.

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