Wild Wild West (1999): Magnetized


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The clip Magnetized from Wild Wild West (1999) with Kevin Kline, Will Smith

What did you do?
I didn't do shit!
You've reversed the polarity of your magnet.
I did not do shit!
Be still! Be still!
I'll put my foot in your chest. Push off.
You all right?
I'm just peachy. Can you help me get my boot off?
And that would be my belt buckle.
When you tell this story to your grandkids, leave this part out.
Don't worry.
I'll undo your belt. I'll run that way, you run the other way.
Let me understand your plan.
You'll run fast that way and I'll run fast that way.
It's ingenious.
Whatever, Gordon.
Oh, look.
My auxiliary tool kit.
I forgot about it. It must've slipped out of my pocket.
Your pocket?
Why wasn't it on some contraption that shoots out your ass?
That's the first place Loveless would've looked.

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