Wild Wild West (1999): In the Tavern


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The clip In the tavern from Wild Wild West (1999)

There was blood on the saddle
And blood on the ground
And a great big puddle of blood
All around
Oh, I'm so sorry. That won't be possible. I have...
I'm still waiting on my guns and ammunition.
I see my men have brought your merchandise.
General McGrath...
...your weapons are being delivered as we speak.
Now, shall we go upstairs and check the merchandise?
Direct me to the poot, sir.
I want something young and creamy.
A gamer that takes to the crop and the spur.
You drive a hard bargain. All right, 50 cents.
I'm very flattered, but I'm just not interested.
You gotta be interested. You're a whore!
I may be a whore, but I work alone!

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