Wild Wild West (1999): The President


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The clip The president from Wild Wild West (1999) with Kevin Kline

Who are you, mister?
What do you mean, who am I?
I am the President of the United States.
Wrong answer.
Who are you?
I am the President of the... I'm Artemus Gordon.
How did you know?
The President went to West Point. That says Harvard.
Very observant.
Somebody mind telling me what's going on?
President Grant...
Sir, these are perilous times.
I was merely demonstrating how someone, using the art of disguise...
...could penetrate into the very bowels of the White House, sir.
You're clever, Gordon. One day it's going to get you killed.
Like today.
And, West, not every situation calls for your approach of "shoot first...
...shoot later, shoot some more...
...then when everybody's dead, try to ask a question or two."
Working together will be good.
Working together?
With all due respect...
You'll work the way your Commander in Chief tells you to.
Well, I was coming to that, sir.

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