Wild Wild West (1999): New Threat


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The clip New threat from Wild Wild West (1999)

Gentlemen, America's top scientists...
...in the fields of physics, hydraulics, explosives...
...all kidnapped in the last year, and all by General McGrath, it now appears.
You two have been working on the same case the whole time.
Why did it take so long to figure it out?
One of us was trying to catch McGrath, and the other was trying to marry him.
We don't have time for this.
Only one week, if we believe this.
"General Grant, the scientists you seek...
...are in my employ creating a weapons system...
...beyond the pale of contemporary imagination.
I suggest you put your affairs in order.
You have one week before you will surrender the U.S. Government."
The letter was delivered today with that cake.
It's marzipan, isn't it?
It's McGrath, sir.
McGrath may be a vicious killer, but a mastermind he is not.
So whom do we seek? After consulting with Intelligence...
McGrath is on his way to New Orleans. The longer we stay here...
...the farther he gets. I don't need Intelligence.
You'd rather rely on stupidity.
I am leaving today for Utah...
...where the transcontinental railroads will be joined at Promontory Point.
You two are the best I've got.
Put aside your differences...
...and find this madman, whoever he is, and stop him.
You have one week.
The Wanderer is at your disposal.
Engine number five, track six.
Mr. Gordon, the item you requested.
Thank you.

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