Blues Brothers 2000 (1998): Commander Chamberlain


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The clip commander chamberlain from Blues Brothers 2000 (1998)

Yes, sir.
Commander Chamberlain's office is on the 12th floor. He's expecting you.
"Commander" Chamberlain?
How can I help you, Mr...
Blues. Elwood J. Blues.
Could you take off your hat and glasses in my office?
Okay, you can put your glasses back on.
What exactly is the nature of your visit here, Mr. Blues?
Well, it's like this.
I used to be in a band called The Blues Brothers.
With a partner whose name was Jake Blues.
Go on.
And you are our long-lost brother.
Mr. Blues...
...I am an only child.
But your real father was like a real father to me, too.
My real father?
Yeah, Curtis.
Have you noticed that I am African-American?
That's okay. So was Curtis.
See, your mother and Curtis had an affair...
...which produced a little boy. That's you.
My father...
...passed away 14 years ago.
He was a full-bird colonel in the U.S. Air Force.
My mother... lives in Phoenix, Arizona and a more...
...honorable, sweet-tempered and goodly woman does not exist.
I'm not making any moral judgments.
But one can project what might have happened.
Your mom, young...

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