On Golden Pond (1981): Billy Ray Jr Cleans the Fish


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The clip Billy Ray Jr cleans the fish from On Golden Pond (1981) with Doug McKeon, Henry Fonda

Norman, we've caught eight million fish.
Are you sure none of these is Walter?
Yep. Walter is humongous.
Those fish you got there are little mothers.
They're disgusting little mothers.
You got something against fish guts, boy?
Hey, Norman, can I ask you somethin'?
How did you get Ethel, anyway?
I sent away for her.
Two box tops from Quaker Oats.
Come on.
Don't bullshit me, man.
I met Ethel when I was a principal...
and she was a substitute teacher.
She was the prettiest thing I'd ever seen...
so I told her she made my heart go pitter-pat.
She fell in love with me immediately.
Ha, ha!
Is that the way Norman got you?
Don't be silly.
He didn't get me at all. I won him in a contest. He was the booby prize.
Has he got you cleaning those stupid fish?
That's right. He cleans the stupid ones, and I clean the smart ones.
Fortunately, the smart ones are too smart to get caught.
That's why they're in schools.
Come on in, Norman.
Get me a fire going. It's going to be a bit nippy tonight.
You hear that, boy? Get a fire going.
Norman, for Pete's sake.
Billy doesn't have to do all your chores.
What's the point of having a dwarf if he doesn't do chores?

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