On Golden Pond (1981): Billy Ray and Norman Alone Part 3


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The clip Billy Ray and Norman alone Part 3 from On Golden Pond (1981) with Henry Fonda, Dabney Coleman

You and Billy?
Not Chelsea and Billy?
That leaves Chelsea and you then.
That's right.
Why would I find that offensive?
You're not planning on doing something unusual, are you?
No, no. Just, you know...
Ah, doesn't seem too offensive as long as you're quiet.
Thank you.
Chelsea always slept in the same bed with her husband.
Yeah, I'm sure.
Ethel and I do. We sleep together. Been doin' it for years.
Sure, yeah.
I guess I'd be...
delighted to have you abuse my daughter under my own roof.
Would you like the room where I first violated her mother?
Or would you be interested in the master bedroom?
Ethel, your boy and I could sleep out back.
You could do it right here on the hearth. Like that?
You're havin' a good time, aren't you?
Chelsea told me all about how you like to have a good old time with people's heads.
She does too sometimes.
Sometimes I can get into it and sometimes not.
I think you should know I'm pretty good at recognizing crap when I hear it.
You know, it's not imperative that you and I become friends.
But I thought it would be nice.

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