On Golden Pond (1981): Letter from Chelsea


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The clip letter from Chelsea from On Golden Pond (1981) with Katharine Hepburn, Henry Fonda

What ya got there, Norman?
I have no idea. I can't open it.
Here. Bite this, please.
Oh, just his medicine.
Oh, goody. What a swell surprise.
Nothing serious. Just for his palpitations.
That's right, Charlie. I have occasional heartthrobs.
Norman, we got a letter from Chelsea.
Look at the goddamn Orioles!
Baltimore's always been a sneaky town.
Norman, she's coming for your birthday.
Oh. How nice.
Yep. And she's bringing a friend.
She has the nicest boyfriend.
They're coming together.
Then they're going on to Europe for a while.
Oh, really? I don't want crowds of people coming to my birthday.
I don't want crowds of people watching me turn older.
Wait a minute. It's not that Freddy person.
This is a different boyfriend altogether.
What the hell's going on?
Detroit's disappeared! Good God!
What is it?
Detroit's gone!
What happened to her husband?
What is it, Charlie?
I was wondering what happened to Chelsea's husband.
It didn't work out.
She says she's in love with a dentist.
Does her boyfriend know about this?
This is her new boyfriend. Her new boyfriend is a dentist.
That's who she's bringing here? A dentist?
Good God! He'll be staring at our teeth all the time.
Shall we ask him not to come?

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