Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008): at the Art Gallary


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The clip at the art gallary from Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

to the opening of a friend's art gallery
Many local artists and a number
of collectors attended
Do you like them?
I do
Thank you for taking us
We buy from this gallery
Mark has commissioned this artist
to do a series of pictures
for his office walls
Is that the artist over there?
In the red?
No, no That's not
alfred is, um
he's the gentleman in the linen coat right there
That's him
I don't know who that is
Mark? Who is the gentleman in the red shirt over there?
Who is it?
He's a painter Remember? Diego told us about him
He had that fiery relationship
with that beautiful woman who was nuts
The violent fighting and the messy divorce
It was in all the newspapers
Oh, my god
His name is juan antonio gonzalo
and he had this hot divorce
and she tried to kill him
Or he tried to kill her
It was this really big thing in the art world
I can't remember the details
We don't move in those bohemian circles,
so i don't know

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