Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008): Vicky See's Juan Antonio


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The clip vicky see's Juan Antonio from Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) with Javier Bardem

I think he's sweet He just, he owns
he gets in very close
He's a close talker
He's a close talker
That's probably why he's so successful
I was telling her in the car ride over here that i'm very
i think he'll be a great contact for me
I'm going to check out the food
Does anyone want anything?
He gets in your face
He'll get a little close, but not
Oh Hello
I'm surprised to see you
As am i to see you I didn't think you liked parties
Gabriella insisted i come and she's an old friend
You know that cristina and i are no longer together, right?
So now you're just with your ex-wife?
No, maria elena is gone as well
For now
It's funny Maria elena and i
are meant for each other and not meant for each other
It's a contradiction
In order to understand it, you need a poet, like my father
Because i don't
How about you?
All goes well with your husband?
Oh, yes, he's wonderful
He's terrific
I'm quite delighted with the way things turned out
Why don't i believe you?
Don't become flirtatious
I realize your bed is empty now
and you always had a little yen for me,
but we're preparing to leave by the weekend, so

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