Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008): Vicky Meets Juan Antonio


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The clip vicky meets Juan Antonio from Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008) with Javier Bardem

Meanwhile, one day, going to study yet again the park guell
which gaudi had designed
and which figured prominently in her thesis
vicky had a chance encounter
how are you?
My goodness, what are you doing here?
Nothing Just doing some sketches
Oh, right
Well, i didn't mean to disturb you
Disturb me, no
How could you disturb me?
We never had a chance
to say a proper good-bye
Well, you could have called me
I yeah, i debated it
But i didn't think there was much point
But you never phoned, not to say anything
"Thank you It was fun "
You don't make love
to someone and then never call them
unless you were greatly disappointed
Quite the opposite
you have plans to marry
and i thought it best to stop anything
before it led to a bad situation for everyone
I'm only saying that we made love
and you seemed to drop off the face of the earth
I mean, i realize these things don't mean much to you
To pursue matters would have only caused you anxiety,
for me, a disappointment
I had the ability
to hurt you after one night?
Maria elena used to say that
only unfulfilled love can be romantic
Right Okay

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