Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008): Juan Antonio Tours with Vicky


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The clip Juan Antonio tours with vicky from Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

vicky was anxious to get back
to barcelona and in no mood to sightsee
When he gets out of his meeting,
can you get him to call me on my cell?
Yeah, i'm still stuck in oviedo
But sightsee is what they did
I feel very sorry about cristina
Oh, come on Don't pretend concern
I'm sure you kept encouraging her to drink
as you did to both of us throughout dinner
But i can hold my liquor
She never mentioned her ulcer
No, because she's a mental adolescent
and being romantic, she has a death wish
So for a brief moment of passion
she completely abandons all responsibilities
After lunch, juan antonio took vicky
to see the old lighthouse at aviles
which she found very beautiful
I was born near here
It would be a sin if i came out here without
paying a visit to my father
Would that be boring to you?
No, i think that would be the first genuinely
interesting proposition you've made me
I would love to see your father and his house

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