Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008): Vicky Eats with Juan Antonio


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The clip vicky eats with Juan Antonio from Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Cristina was feeling better,
but far too shaky and needed more rest
Vicky and juan antonio dined together
at a lovely little restaurant
She was more relaxed than at lunch,
and had just finished a great deal of wine
This time she was enjoying the conversation
no place on earth
My father used to bring me here
Hey Did i get you at a bad time, babe?
No, i'm just about to eat
Can i call you back?
Let me just say one thing
Paul and maryanne found a house up where they are
that they like even better than the one in bedford hills
Oh, yeah? Uh, you're breaking up a little
How ? Babe? Call me later,
but this house has a pool and a tennis court
We could both take lessons
from paul's instructor
Okay, i'll call you back
I can't hear you
I love you
God The connection's terrible
What is this wine? It's delicious
It's great
Was that your fiance?
Uh, yes, yes
Why were you so nervous speaking to him?
Was i nervous?
Yes, you turned red
Well, i'm sure it's the wine
Would he be upset
if he knew we were dining together?
No, not at all! Are you kidding?
I mean, i don't think he'd love the basic concept
of me sitting with a man drinking wine over candlelight
but he'd quickly realize there was nothing to worry about, so
would you ever withhold your work from the public out of rage?
No-no-no I'm not like my father
No, i told you
i affirm life, despite everything

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