Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008): Juan Antonio Invites the Girls Part 2


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The clip Juan Antonio invites the girls Part 2 from Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

I guess i have to say that
my eyes are green, actually
I wouldn't call our reluctance
to leap at your sexual
offer being over-analytical
If you would care to join us for some
recognized form of social interaction
like a drink, we'd be fine
but otherwise, i think you should try
offering to some other table
What offended you about the offer?
Surely not that i find you
both beautiful and desirable
Offended me? No
It's very amusing galling,
to be honest, but
is it my imagination or is it getting a little late?
I would love to go to oviedo
What? Are you kidding?
I think it would be so much fun
I think we should go I'd love to go
Can we discuss this some other time?
When i saw you across the room
at the art gallery
i noticed you have
beautiful lips Very full, very sensual
Thank you
Okay, okay, look I'm s-, you know, if you wanna go
i can't guarantee the lovemaking-
because i happen to be very moody
Let's not negotiate like a contract
I came over here with no subterfuge,
and presented my best offer
I hope you will discuss it and give me
the pleasure to take you with me to oviedo
I have the good fortune
to borrow my friend's plane
It's just big enough for the three of us
and i'm a very good pilot
It sounds very safe
Think it over

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