Mulholland Dr. (2001): Betty's Audition Part 3


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The clip betty's audition Part 3 from Mulholland Dr. (2001) with Naomi Watts, Rita Taggart

and I really mean that sincerely.
I mean, it was extraordinary.
You've done your Aunt proud...
and I'm going to tell her the first chance I get.
Now, you and I...
are gonna speak again soon.
Thank you Mr. Brown.
Thank you, Wally.
I'm sure you all have a lot to talk about. We'll walk Betty out.
Well, yes indeed. And it was our pleasure, Linney.
Don't you be a stranger around here.
We'd love to have you here.
Come on, Betty.
Thank you again, Mr. Brown.
It was nice meeting all of you.
How do you find her...
God, that was awful!
Not you Betty. You were stellar and I mean that
But poor Wally.
He'll never get that picture made.
Wally's days were up twenty years ago.
You know Woody Katz is only doing it for a favor?
And the cast is terrible...
Oh, God, terrible
Poor old fool Wally...
It was very nice and he seems so sweet.
and Wally... Mr. Brown... is a very close friendof my Aunt's, so...
Settle down, Betty. Don't get me wrong. I love Wally.
I ought to. I was married to him for ten years.
And I love actors, all actors.
We just get a little catty sometimes.
Now we want to take you across and introduce you to a director...
who's a head above the rest
He's got a project that you would kill!
Knock it right out of the park.
~ Sixteen reasons ~
~ why I ~

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