Pola X (1999): in Bed with Mother Part 2


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The clip in bed with mother Part 2 from Pola X (1999)

I was waiting at the station.
I could see he had changed... but no, he hadn't...
For if he had, I don't know what I'd have done.
I'd decided to spend my life with that man, so...
he couldn't change.
It's odd to realize
that at 23 I'd understood
what a couple has to be.
What's on your mind?
Him... You... The two of you...
The three of us...
You must think of Lucie now.
Don't I get a last cigarette?
I love to smoke.
How's the relationship between you?
Fine, I think.
She's... like a child.
What is it?
My love?
I'm at my computer.
How did your Classes go?
Yes, he replied, a young, irrevocable love,
Then, everything will fall into place, A couple!

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