Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000): Business Meeting


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The clip Business meeting from Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000)

Thank you so much. Leanne Guilford.
President of Acquisitions. Buddy Love, president of Love Industries.
No. Do you have a dog? Yes, I do
a Yorkie.
Oh. She's driving me crazy right now.
Excuse me.
It's a female dog that you have, and she's in heat, right? Yes. How did you know that?
Let's just say I have a sixth sense about those things. Is this her?
Yeah, little Courtney. Ooh, nasty.
Mr. Love, maybe we'd better do this another time. No, this is the perfect time.
Let's do this right now. This is the perfect time to talk about my youth formula.
We are already committed to purchasing Professor Klump's formula.
Oh, Professor Klump's formula? That's if it works.
Let's just that although he's a brilliant scientist, at times, he can be unstable.
Yes. Huh.
Interesting. Yes, now, my formula works...
and can be yours for the price of $149 million, if you act now, pretty lady.
Forgive me for being blunt, but you don't expect me tojust take your word for it, do you?
Oh, no, not at all. Just say when, and I'll make it available to you.
All right.
If Klump can't deliver and you can prove your formula's better, Yes?
Phleer would have to seriously consider it. Is that right?
I've got to go to a meeting. Can we reschedule for later? We certainly can.
Good. How about Wednesday, 7:00? Perfect. Wednesday at 7:00.
Bring the formula.
Excuse me. Where's your restroom? Down the hall, to the left.
Thank you. You finished with this? Sure.

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