Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000): Girl Talk

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The clip girl talk from Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000) with Eddie Murphy, Wanda Sykes Ooh, is this ...
The clip girl talk from Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000) with Eddie Murphy, Wanda Sykes Ooh, is this supposed to be that hard? Yeah, let it set a while. Don't worry if it burns a little bit. That's natural. All right, you the expert, Chantal. Workyour magic, girl, 'cause Denise's motheris coming to this bachelorette party, and if she's as stunning as Denise, I got to besparkling. Honey, you gonna blind their asses. When you walk in that door, they gonna think you're Tyra Banks. Oh, did I tell you the news? Leon got one of them penis pumps. Penis pumps? What'd he do with it? Mm-hmm. Supposed to pump it up or something. Does it work? Just on the tip. Now that thing look like a portabello mushroom. Isaac all natural. Soon as I walk in the room, ten-hut. You know, I'm thinking about having a little work done myself. The other day, I got out the shower, and I bent down to reach for a towel, and I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Shot through my chest and up around my back, down my spine. I thought, "Oh, Lord. " I thought I was dying. I bent over and looked, and I was standing on my own titty. You ain't have to get no breast reduction. Just be more careful. Both feet too. Both feet on it. All right, what the hell you old hens cackling about? You ready to go? No, not quite. I'll be ready in a minute. She still got to set up a few more minutes. Have some more wine, girl. Ooh, girl, I don't know if I should. I already had two glasses. Oh, go on, live a little. Make your hair look better. Have mercy. Yeah,just like Ifigured. You sit up here all day, getting sloshed and talking about us men. Clesius, have you ever heard the expression, "mercy hump"? Say what? 'Cause that's what you been getting all these years mercy humps. Stop it. You out your goddamn mind. Let me tell you something. He ain't got nothing but a limp doodle. Oops. Sorry.