Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000): All You Can Eat Dinner 2


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The clip all you can eat dinner 2 from Nutty Proffessor II The Klumps (2000)

Klump, party of six, please. Yes, and we're hungry.
Mama, you know, you really look good. Have you been losing weight?
Oh, thankyou, baby, no, but I'm getting ready to start a new diet.
Have some of this ambrosia. I don't even like ambrosia.
Don't tell me you don't like ambrosia. You had some before, and you liked it.
Have some adventure! Oh, now I'm a child
I don't know what I like.
...for the all-girls soccer team.
Let me get that for you. Oh, my baby's so gallant.
Sherman, come here. And it's called "All the pork you can eat" diet.
You can have all the pork you want. You can have ham, bacon, sausage.
I got the wrong thing. Take that. Thank you.
Now I got a full portion. Whateveryou wanna eat,
just as long as you have three glasses of grapefruit juice afterwards...
because the grapefruitjuice breaks down all the unwanted-
Get away from there! Stop that! Baby!
Honey, get the baby. He's a boy, and boys don't be doing stuff like that.
Hey! Get your ass-
Please teach that boy manners. He ain't gonna be acting like no hooligan with me.
That was a spoon or fork? That was a spoon. All right. Boys will be boys.
Boys will be boys.
Oh, this looks fabulous. Yeah, it looks really good.
How about getting another bottle of red over here? Get some more wine.
Hey, Ernie, maybe you wanna pace yourself and take it easy, huh?
Pace myself? Hey, this is a celebration for Daddy retiring.
We owe it to Daddy togetshit-faced, andl'm gonnagetshit-faced.
By the way, congratulations, Mr. Klump.
She's so polite. Look here, Denise, you have to stop that "Mr. Klump" stuff...
'cause I've been hearing that for the last year or so, and I'm starting to feel old.
I ain't an oldman.
You are an old man.

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