Outlander (2008): Arguing About How to Kill Creature


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The clip arguing about how to kill creature from Outlander (2008)

It was like hitting a stone wall.
I hit it with all I had.
Ran. Just like you ran from my father.
I'll cut your tongue out, boy. Stop!
Both of you.
That thing is still out there!
The gods have cursed us all.
We should leave this place while we can still save our families.
This is our home!
We are not going to let that thing chase us out!
She's right! We're not leaving.
We're going to hunt this thing down and kill it like Vikings.
Hunting won't work.
You can't take it on in the open.
It's too powerful.
Well, what else is there?
We trap it.
Even if you do track it down,
How are you going to kill it?
Why are we even listening to him? He's not one of us.
That's right. I'm not.
But you're wrong about this, Wulfric.
Like you were wrong about and the bear.
And you'll always be wrong until you stop thinking with this.
This is finished!
You're not one of us.
The decision is ours.
However, I'm still your king.
And my judgment is that the Outlander is correct.
We build the trap.
where do we start?

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