Darkman (1990): Darkman and Julie at Carnival


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The clip darkman and julie at carnival from Darkman (1990)

Step right up and take a spin on the amazing...
Come on!
One more!
Would you stop looking at that watch?
To hell with time!
Forget about going back to the hospital.
We're going to spend the whole day together.
And the whole night.
I can't. I've got my therapy group.
Peyton, we need more time together.
Why are you so uncomfortable with me?
All right, Jules.
Listen to me.
I got to tell you something about me,
how I've...
When I was in the hospital, I...
See the mutant man! Half man, half beast!
Witness this cruel accident of science
with your own eyes.
Everybody gather 'round and look closely.
As you can see...
Peyt, what?
Peyton, what is it?
When I was in the hospital...
was there someone else?
Yes. There was a man who comforted me,
and I respected him for his kindness,
but he means nothing to me.
Is that what it was?
Was that it, Peyt?
God, I love you, darling!
Oh, it's good to be back.
Come on, Julie Hastings,
I'm going to win for you the biggest,
fuzziest, pinkest doll on that rack.
Then I got to run.
You always have to run.

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