Darkman (1990): Meeting at Hong Kong Restaurant


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The clip meeting at hong kong restaurant from Darkman (1990)

It's so good of you to favor me
with your venerated presence.
The money.
The money? Yes, Robert.
How I tremble with shame.
I have no money.
How many times do I have to tell you?
I was nowhere near any convenience store!
They had the whole thing on video.
Keep them out of my hair!
You have to sign those papers.
Where are you going?
Hong Kong Restaurant, and fast!
White powder no longer flows in its former volume.
All the members of Tong languish in poverty.
Of all your unworthy servants,
Hung Fat is the most destitute.
Even my own miserable slaves
sometimes ignore my wishes
and upset those whom I cherish most deeply.
So, until that shining day...
may it soon come...
when I shall once again honor you with offerings...
goodbye, Robert.
Robert, goodbye.
You will provide the revenues owed to us
by the time I finish this cigar.
But, Robert...

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